Ninja Team

The purpose of this US Ninja is to improve patient care through clinical ultrasound by sharing a Weekly Fix of local narrated lectures and podcasts from the Cook County Rush Clinical Ultrasound Program. We do not extensively prep or post edit because we want you to feel as if you are sitting right next to us learning together. 

Many Thanks to All Our Fabulous:
- Patients
- Nurses and Support Staff
- Students
- Residents
- Visiting Fellows from across the hospital and country

Most importantly, BIG thanks to the many wonderful CUS FOAMed leaders whose efforts form the basis of our FOAMed Toolbox and whose content often fills our didactics. Huge Shouts Out to Matt Dawson, Mike Mallin, Mike Stone, Ben Smith and Jacob Avilla as well as dozens of other US FOAMed pioneers in our community. 

FOAMed Quality Standards We Are Aspiring To (Thank You ALIEM Team!):
Metriq Research Agenda
Metriq 8 
Quality Checklist for Healthcare Blogs and Podcasts for Producers, Curators and Consumers

Cook County CUS Team
Jen Rogers, MD
Karen Cosby, MD
Brian Cone, MD
Dallas Holladay, DO
Tina Sundaram, MD
Mike Gottlieb, MD
Damali Nakitende, MD
Dave Murray, MD
John Bailitz, MD