Case from the Ultrasound of the Week

52 y/o female with a history previous cervical cancer presents stating that she has not urinated in two days, c/o abdominal pain and some distention.  i-stat labs show a creatinine of 7.5.  What is the likely etiology of these findings?

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What to Learn 
  1. Describe the indications, contraindications, and limitations of urinary tract CUS.
  2. Identify clinically relevant sonographic anatomy of the genitourinary system. 
  3. Perform the CUS protocol required.
  4. Recognize the relevant focused findings and pitfalls when evaluating for hydronephrosis, renal calculi, renal masses, and bladder size.

Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound
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Chapter 6: Renal
Self Assessment Quiz

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