Case from SonoSpot: Topics in Bedside Ultrasound

25 yo male was found unresponsive per bystanders. Upon EMS arrival he was noted to have multiple stab wounds to the upper extremities and chest. Initial set of vitals revealed tachycardia without hypotension. Patient was intubated at the scene “for airway protection”. Mechanically ventilated upon ED arrival with the following vitals: BP 135/90 mmHg, HR 105 BPM, respirations 16/min, SpO2 100%, T 35.8 C. GCS 3T. During secondary survey found to have one stab wound to the left anterior chest (inferior to the nipple), and second stab wound to the right posterior chest (lateral to the inferior aspect of the scapula). Additional two stab wounds to both shoulders were superficial and were no longer bleeding. No apparent abdominal (wall) injuries were noted. Abdomen was non-distended and soft.

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What to Know
  1. List the indications, contraindications, and limitations of CUS in trauma.
  2. Describe clinically relevant sonographic anatomy from the clavicles to the pelvis.
  3. Perform a trauma CUS protocol to evaluate for hemoperitoneum, hemopericardium, hemothorax, and pneumothorax.
  4. Recognize normal, and subtle to obvious pathologic trauma CUS findings.
  5. Estimate patient volume status by visualizing inferior vena cava size and respiratory variability.

Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound
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Chapter 1: EFAST by Phil Craven and Mike Mallin
Chapter 22: SUSS IT by Casey Parker and James Rippey
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Key Articles to Review and Discuss