CCH Weekly Schedule

This Week's Schedule

**PLEASE NOTE: Always include clinical correlation on your Q-Path worksheets, and view and note results of any corresponding studies ordered and done in ED (CXR for thoracic scans and Echo, CTs and formal ultrasounds when done).  Studies without this will be considered technically limited and not given credit for credentialing.

Welcome to your ultrasound rotation!! Here is your schedule for the week:

Wednesday September 12th - Orientation Day
Meet Dr. Jung in the Red Team Conference Room at 12:30 for orientation. Everyone, please be sure to complete your pre-rotation number form found HERE.

Thursday September 13th - Independent Scanning
Please come in and start scanning. Please split up and scan on your own, however feel free to ask seniors for help if problems arise.
Dr. Rogers will be working 3-11 so feel free to stick so she can find you some good cases!

Friday September 14th - Independent Scanning
Dr. Rogers will be in to scan with you 10-12.

Monday September 17th - Independent Scanning
Dr. Cosby will be around to scan with you during the morning.

Tuesday September 18th- 
Academic Day with Dr. Cosby.
  Morning = Group/individual scanning (Dr. Rogers working 7-3, find her for good cases)
  12 -1 Lunch Time Image Review
  1:30-3 Check out, SDOTS and group scanning

For a sneak peak at topics and readings going here. Jackson et al. Prospective evaluation of 2 d TTE in ED patients with suspected PE. Acad Emerg Med. 2000;7:994-8.