CCH PGY4 Curriculum

PGY 4 Requirements

The focus of your last rotation is to finish any required exams you have not yet submitted as well as expand your scope of ultrasound skill to more advanced applications. During this rotation, if you wish, you will be given opportunities to enhance your training in Echo by spending time with Echo technicians and Cardiology. In addition you can spend time with ultrasound techs to gain more transvaginal ultrasound experience. 

You will also be working on building your skills as an educator as you assist in training of junior residents on rotation and deliver a short presentation on a the topic of the week. Please see the CCH Schedule Page for topic assignment.  

For your presentation you can use this Slide Template and review Dr. B's How To Give a Mini-Talk Video

to focus on: 
  • Procedural Ultrasound and Nerve Blocks
  • Testicular Ultrasound
  • Advanced applications as requested. 
  • Bedside teaching and presentation skills
  • Completing US Requirements for Graduation:
    • eFAST 25
    • Renal 25
    • Aorta 25
    • GB 25
    • Echo 25
    • DVT 25
    • Gyne+Ob 25
    • Thoracic 10
    • Ocular 10
    • Soft Tissue/MSK 10 
    • Peripheral IV 10
    • Total Number of Scans: 250 

Independent Study and Requirements
Your independent study requirements will consist of select readings from Mallin and Dawson's Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound iBook as well as other free iBooks listed below. You can also feel free to review any SonoSim module you feel you could use a refresher in.
Required Material: 
1)ACEP Imaging Compendium pgs 47-49
2)Nerve Blocks - Mallin and Dawson iBook Chapters 11, 20 and 21. Procedures - Chapter 24.

Supplemental Material: Ultrasound Ninja Procedures Page and Ultrasound Ninja Nerve Block Page for videos and lectures on various procedures. 

Required Material: Testicular US - Mallin and Dawson iBook Chapter 10.
Supplemental Material: Ultrasound Ninja Testicular Page.


Suggested Material: Advanced Echo - SonoSim Advanced Clinical FoCUS 1 Module and Test
Supplemental Material: Ultrasound Ninja Echo and Resus Page, especially the indicated chapters in Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound

Suggested Material: Jones and Goldstein iBook ACEP Point-of-care Ob US Chapters
Supplemental Material: SonoSim Ob-Gyn Module as well as Ultrasound Ninja Pelvic Page, especially the indicated chapters in Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound.

All iBooks are free to download and are available on the Red Team Conference Room iMac if you do not have access to an apple product at home. 

All tests must be completed by the end of your rotation.